How to use auctions


Our catalogs (paper or web) allow you to consult all the lots put up for sale by PARIS OUEST ENCHÈRES.

We make every effort to provide the most complete description possible, as well as photographs, to give you the maximum amount of information on the lots and their condition. The lots are also displayed in our offices before the sale so that you can examine them.

We are at your disposal by phone at 01 89 54 74 00 or by email :, to answer all your questions and send you condition reports or additional photographs.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to be to date with our news and be informed of upcoming sales.


When you are interested in a lot, you have several choices for bidding:

1 - You are present in the auction room, you just have to raise your hand to bid

2 - You are not present, several options are available to you:
- Leave us a purchase order: you give us the maximum price (excluding expenses) at which you wish to acquire the lot and we carry out the bidding on your behalf. As when you are present, if no other bidders are interested, we award the lot at the best price.
- Ask to follow the bidding by phone, we will contact you when the lot passes and transmit the bids to you so that you can bid live.

(In these two cases, please send us your request by email with your contact details, a bank account number and an ID card to
- Register on Drouotlive and bid on the internet.


The selling costs are 26% (including tax) to be added to your bids (27.8% (including tax) if you use the Drouotlive platform & 29,6% including tax if you use The Interencheres platform ou Drouotonline platform).


You will receive an email at the end of the sale, with your slip and explanations on how to pay and collect your purchases.

Payment can be made :

- On the spot, by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) or in cash up to 1,000 euros including fees
- By bank transfer, our RIB is on your slip
- By credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) via the following link "payment page on our website

The lots will be delivered only after full payment of the slip.

The lots are available in our offices 83 rue Aristide Briand 92300 LEVALLOIS-PERRET by appointment. Please note that you will be charged a storage fee 15 days after the sale (10 € per day).

We do not ship, we invite you to contact one of our partners below so that they can provide you with a quote:
- ThePackengers : 01 76 44 00 90 or
- Warning : 01 60 21 58 57 or
- Le Bureau des transports : 01 42 28 56 77 or
- MBE Asnières : 01 46 85 14 32 or
- MBE Paris 15 : 01 40 60 57 19 or


Following a move, the renewal of your interior decoration or an inheritance, you wish to sell one or more goods, but you do not know how to go about it?
PARIS OUEST ENCHERES will take care of estimating your goods and putting them up for sale.

Auctions allow you to sell your goods at the best price by putting many potential buyers in competition.


The sale process starts with the estimation of your property by our auctioneers : Nathalie HENRIETTE and Marion SAUVANT.

In order to have your property appraised and estimated, we offer you different solutions:
- Free and confidential appraisal days are organized regularly. To know our next dates and to make an appointment, click on the following link " next days of expertise ".
- You can also come to our office, 83 rue Aristide Briand in Levallois-Perret (92300) in order to meet our experts and have your property valued immediately.
- It is also possible to proceed to a first estimate on line, by filling in the following form " online estimate page ".
- We can also come to your home to proceed to the estimation of several properties, for that you just have to contact us by phone at 01 89 54 74 00 or by mail in order to organize an appointment.


Once you have accepted our estimate, we commit ourselves to do everything possible to sell your property in the best possible way. You entrust us with your objects and together we sign a sale mandate indicating in detail: the different lots deposited, estimates, possible reserve price (price below which the lot will not be sold) and the selling expenses which will be deducted.

We then take care of making a description sheet as precise as possible as well as photographs. Thanks to our experience of the art market, we integrate your lots in the sale where we will obtain the best price: specialized or generalist sale, live or online.

All our catalogs are available online on our website and on Drouot's website.


The lots are displayed at the office for several days so that interested buyers can come and see them. Your property is auctioned in our auction room and we broadcast the sale on the internet via the Drouotlive platform in order to reach a maximum number of bidders.


The evening of the sale, we send you an email to announce the results. The payment will be made by bank transfer 3 to 4 weeks after the sale (subject to the buyer's payment).

If your property does not find a buyer, we can offer it for sale by mutual agreement or represent it in a later sale by lowering the estimate. You can also recover it.

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